Friday, September 9, 2011

freebie friday

these pictures are from a family hike through red rocks canyon a couple of weeks ago.

today, we skipped through colorado springs loading up on free stuff.


first stop chic-fil-a. FREE breakfast.
next up: King Soopers. FREE cookies!


cost co provided a filling lunch of great kid friendly samples. hummus. pbj. turkey bacon. granola bars. fruit leather. filet mignon :)

and then we hit up a new little coffee place called kangaroo coffee. it's close to I-25 on fillmore. they are giving away free drinks ALL DAY.

avery got a strawberry smoothie.
ashton got a strawberry lemonade.
momma got a blended white mocha.

thankful. and FULL. :)


Courtney said...

wow! fun!!!

Laura said...

My kind of day!! FREE all the way!