Monday, November 14, 2011

from soccer to awana

avery had her end-of-the-season soccer party yesterday.
we couldn't go.
not because we were sick again, it's just that...well actually it was because we were sick again. 

this time the sickness involved avery and it involved throwing up every couple of hours on saturday night. 

i had never seen one of my children dry heave before.  it made me cry. 

moving on.

soccer is over.  but i did want to remember what a typical wednesday night looked like for us this past fall.

i would wait until the very last minute to wake everyone up from their naps and scramble to make sure we had cleats and snacks and shinguards and sippy cups and our awana's vest and shoes to wear after soccer to awana and coats and mittens (cuz soccer got COLD right at 5) and dinner packed and our awana book and ect. ect.

here avery puts money from her piggy bank into her awana bag to give as offering.

after we rushed to practice, avery's team was usually already running a lap around the field or in their cute little stretching huddle.  "oh look, there's avery"  they'd say :)

"eat your peanut butter sandwich and do you remember what 2 Timothy 3:16 says?"

soccer cleats off, awana backpack on.  "daddy'll pick you up babe, have fun!"

wednesday nights just got a bit calmer around here.

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