Thursday, March 22, 2012

as avery would say, "fyi, we're training mechanics today"

in case you missed it, :) we're raising money to train well mechanics in rural india.  here are the two main goals for today's blog-a-thon.

1. we need to see the number here hit $33,000 in order to maximize the prem rawat foundations matching. 

2. we need to collectively raise enough money to train 186 mechanics. that's $102,3000. we need to do this by the end of april, but might as well get as close as we can today, right? 

some of my friends really don't want this day to end without reaching the goals over at the adventure project and so they wanted to add to the raffle one last time.

a custom knit hat from Renee Morrison.  you choose the color! (10)


A custom child's tutu from Angelina Shumaker.  10 dollar bid

A voucher for face painting at a birthday party from Angelina Shumaker.  10 dollar bid

original art from Megan McCluskey each is a 20 dollar bid.  


prance 10x12

potpourri 13x13


those are some killer things to end off this day!  if you haven't bid yet, you'll have a pretty good chance at winning one of these last few things!

here are some other items that have only one bid, you're chances are good with these too!

-baked ziti dinner (10)
-3 loaves of homemade bread (10)
-2 dozen homemade cupcakes (10)
-soccer camp spot (last two wednesdays and fridays in july) (20)

so, you know the drill, bid here, and make sure you tell me what you're bidding on!

i'm extending the raffle.  i'll close it up and choose names at 10 pm mountain time.  i'm so excited to see who wins all of this fabulous stuff. :)

oh and also, don't forget that bidding gets you an invite to our water party.  kojo designs is helping me plan it!

coming down the home stretch.....


laura said...

Did you know you are the TOP fundraiser??? You are amazing, Mandy!

Amanda said...

I'll do 2 bids on the ziti, 2 on the bread and one on the tutu :)

The Moffats said...

$10 - Kojo's Travel Alphabet!
$10 - Jen's baked ziti dinner!!
$20 - soccer camp spot!


Kathy Buchanan said...

Love that we found out about this just in time--how awesome! Please put us in for the cupcakes and the other 40 toward wine. Yes...that's how we are....

Heidi White said...

Top fundraiser. Your passion is contagious, lady! Hugs.