Thursday, March 22, 2012

no sweat

more than 25,000 dollars in one day.  61 mechanics trained.  and so, SO much hope. 

i'd still love for ya'll to have a chance to bid before i draw names.  

take it from me that there's a great chance you'll win these items if you bid in the next 20 minutes.  :)

-customized knitted hat (10)
-customized tutu (10)
-face painting for a birthday party (10)
-megan's art (20)

we're still making our way up to 186 mechanics so each dollar is still a big deal.  

plus, you might as well win some of this fabulous stuff!

and don't forget for the next 20 minutes if you bid on the flashcards or the printable Pop! baby shower, kirst will email you the pdf file!  


a big finale THANK YOU video coming soon.  it's too cute. :)

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