Thursday, March 22, 2012

Raffle Results

i made dave randomly select the winners.  i just couldn't do it.  i wanted all of you to win everything you bid on!

drum roll please......

proper's rose wine-------------Melissa Paisley

spot at soccer camp------------Laura Moffat

sassy sweet cupcakes----------Candace Covak

customized tutu----------------Amanda Haag

jelly bean easter activity--------Lindsay Walker

proper's syrah wine------------Tawni DeYoung

worship print-------------------Raleigh Tillman

baked ziti meal------------------Amanda Haag

3 loaves of virginia's bread------Erin Sparks

megan's black and white art------Season Investments

megan's pot pourri art------------Elaine Elsberry

enchilada dinner------------------Kirstin Gentry and Laura Clapp

massage--------------------------Sandi Elsberry

laura let me pick 4 of you for the photo shoot!  yay!  the first two names picked get to work with laura to pick dates that are good for them and her, the next two names picked need to try to make the pre-selected days work.  i hope that makes sense!

photo session with laura moffat------first two names:  Nancy Houle and Megan Perea 
photo session with laura moffat------last two names:  Melissa Bolton and Laura Schwarz

Congratulations to you all!  We made hope loud today!

i will try to sort through all of the claiming of the prizes in the morning!  thanks for doing this with me.

i can't wait for our water party.  i mean, just look at this group of women :)


The Moffats said...

Saaaaaweeeeeeetttt!!! Excited for the soccer camp slot! Yippee!

kirstin & tricia said...


laura said...

Yaaayyyyyyy! Can't believe I won the photo shoot! Totally excited! But even more excited and thankful to be a part of training a mechanic in India! THANK YOU for organizing this, Mandy. It has been amazing, AND inspiring!

Melissa said...

Hooray for clean water and hooray for a photo shoot with Laura!! Thanks, Mandy and Laura! I'm looking forward to the water party, too!