Thursday, March 22, 2012

jobs. water. hope. *raffle round up*

updated:  so, i'm not sure if you've checked, but we've trained a 3rd mechanic and have the whole of world water day ahead of us.  wanna go for a fourth?   this is incredible you guys.  amazing.  fantastic.  i'm not really even thinking straight right now. :)

happy world water day everyone :)

today jobs grow.
today water flows.
and today hope rises.  and somehow, we actually get to be a part of it.

here are all of the raffle items. you have until 8 p.m. mountain time to bid on something.  your bid will be matched dollar for dollar today.  if you've already bid, but see something new you'd like to bid on, please do so :)

if you bid you get an invite to our water party where we will get to hear stories and see pictures of our mechanics! yay!

for 5 bucks

1. bottle of Proper's Rose (have to be in the springs for this one...or denver...or pueblo :))

2. From kojo designs:  Printable "Pop" baby shower pack from kojo designs.  (perfect if you've got a friend or relative who's pregnant!)  go here to see all of the different printables you'll get to host a fun, custom baby shower! all you have to do is bid on this item and kirstin will send you the pdf file. 

for 10 bucks

1.   I will bring you homemade chicken enchiladas and a big ol' bowl of guacamole on any night of your choosing.  (i am drawing two names for this!)

2.  From kojo designs:  Entire Alphabet Travelbaby printable flashcards!  go here to see more details.  again, all you have to do is bid and you'll get this pdf file!

3.  Jelly Bean Easter kit (two mason jars, two bags of jelly beans, one personalized and laminated jelly bean chart, two pre cut paper mason jars, a baggie full of pre cut paper jelly beans)  you'll be all set up to do this neat pre-easter activity with your kiddo.  here's my whole post about it from last year.   only this time i'll make you a custom jelly bean chart.

4.  Framed print of one of your favorite phrases from a worship song, or favorite verse. Elaina Chynoweth made these for our whole life group.  we all adore them!  after we find out who wins this, you'll just let her know the phrase or verse you'd like and she'll create it and frame it for you.  so cool. 

5.  A bottle of Proper's Syrah (due to shipping costs and licenses, you can only bid on this one if you're in the springs (or denver or pueblo :)) 

6.  An infamous baked ziti dinner courtesy of jen wilson 

7.  3 loaves of homemade bread courtesy of virginia johnston 

8.  2 dozen homemade cupcakes courtesy of Sassy Sweet Designs (aka jessica lundahl) 

for 20 bucks

1.  A 30 minute photo session with Laura Moffat (cd with edited images included) (i will be drawing 2 names out for this!)

2.  A 60 minute massage from Alicia Berutti (licensed massage therapist)  um.  a 60 minute massage for 20 bucks!?!?  nuff said. :)

3.  a "free" spot for soccer camp. it will be held from 9:30-11:00 the last two wednesdays and fridays of july


wow.   that's quite the list!
real quick refresher.  go here and donate. then come tell me what you're bidding on! 

i'm thrilled to be doing this with ya'll.  actively pursuing heaven and pulling it down here is just so fantastic.  

thank you.  
for bidding, for donating items for the raffle, for being a part of this day, thank you.  

let the crazy "number rising" checking begin! 


Jess Lundahl said...

Happy Water Day, girl! You are amazing and inspiring!! I just realized I never told you what I'm bidding on. I would like to bid on the photo shoot x2 and the baked ziti dinner.

gvjohnston said...

I just bid on the cupcakes

Megan McCluskey said...

Hey Mandy...I just gave $10 and I want to bid on the enchiladas and guacamole. If I win, can you bring your family and stay at my house and eat them with us?

Anonymous said...

I want to bid on massage and 3 loaves of bread. Ca I do that? Love that you are doing this. Thanks Mandy,