Wednesday, March 21, 2012

tomorrow holds hope

there are thousands of people across this country getting ready to donate 5 or 10 or 20 bucks to stand up and use their voice to say "i want heaven here, now."

it really is not okay that people die from the water they drink.  it just isn't.

and to be able to say that we were a part of bringing jobs and clean water and economic growth to places in rural india is just too good to pass up.

some amazing women have gotten clean water and bringing heaven to earth in their blood and have offered up some more stuff to raffle off in hopes of training a third mechanic.

1.  An infamous baked ziti dinner courtesy of jen wilson for 10$
2.  3 loaves of homemade bread courtesy of virginia johnston for 10$
3.  2 dozen homemade cupcakes courtesy of Sassy Sweet Designs (aka jessica lundahl) for 10$

i mean, how yummy does that look?  geez.  beautiful.

i'm compiling a list of all of the raffle items and will post that tomorrow.  if you haven't bid yet, hold off until tomorrow because tomorrow, every dollar is matched, turning your 10 dollar bid into 20. very cool.

i believe that there are 189 people signed up to blog or facebook or twitter or email their family and friends about world water day and well mechanics and hope rising.

the goal is 250.

sign up here to offer your voice.

jobs. water. hope.

simple and so beautiful.

i can't wait to watch the numbers rise tomorrow.  if you can, bid early in the morning, it's more fun that way :)  it will get in your blood and you won't be able to resist checking to see how close we are to that 25,000 dollar goal.

and as the number rises
so will hope.

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Laura said...

Man, I turned my money in too early. I missed this new stuff and the matching!!

I can't wait to see how much is raised!