Wednesday, May 30, 2012

vbb: behind the scenes

i've been trying to get pictures from the past month put up here, i'm feeling dreadfully behind.  there is a reason though ;)

currently, the kids and i have been jammin to vbb worship music, practicing with some amazingly cool 4th and 5th graders and doing things like cutting out scales for a certain dragon and praying hard core for the kids who will walk through the painting (unbelievable painting by the way) and onto the Dawn Treader next week.

this is the 3rd narnian vbb that we've done.  my heart can barely take the excitement.

making the kids journals for the week.....(ellen will hate me for posting this)


the drama team practicing for their station.

spray painting the dragon's treasures

and this picture makes me so proud.  a room full of people (mostly teenagers) who will invest in a group of kids next week.  we call them team leaders and here they are getting the latest and greatest information from the fabulous jill mccoy.

painting stages for some of the worship team.

the very beginning stages of building the ship on the stage.

i still have to write a "tech" script. ugh!
and read through the millions of things i want to tell the kids next week.  but everything inside of me is ready for this week.

i was telling someone last night that this vbb, these clips from dawn treader, these Bible Points have got me more worked up and passionate and EXCITED than any other vbb i've written.

one week from today hundreds of kids in colorado springs will come aboard the Dawn Treader.   will you pray with me that their hearts will know and believe that they are EXTRAORDINARY for Christ, that they are MIGHTY in Christ, and that they are CHANGED by Christ?

 i'm praying that God will break down strongholds of peer pressure and pride and that kids will be freed from allowing their past to define who they are and who HE is making them to be.

 send your kids 3yrs.-5th grade. (register here)

 come watch them worship. (wed-fri 9:00-9:30 in theater 7 at vanguard church)

 and pray for these young hearts.


laura said...

so very excited!!!! thanks for documenting all of this!

Courtney said...

praying for you. a lot. and HARD.