Tuesday, May 29, 2012

from mothers day (i know, i know)

such a great picture, right?

we spent an eternity waiting on food at mimi's cafe.  dave has since black listed that place.

thankfully this guy was in a good mood and hamming it up.

i wish i would've gotten a picture of mom and i, this was the best i did.  there were some little girls begging to play with her new i phone.

dave and i have the best moms and mother in laws.  for real.  you should meet them.


Kim said...

You can't blacklist Mimi's. Did you make a reservation? :) We have made reservations on Thanksgiving day and still had to wait over an hour. It only happened one time. I love Mimi's!

Amanda said...

Ian is so big! (And we've totally had to wait forever at Mimi's too!)

Nathan Picard said...

oh my...ian totally looks exactly like dave! cant wait to see all of you some time this summer