Monday, July 2, 2012

the day the fire started

we left on the day that the fire started in waldo canyon.

facebook and kayla kept us pretty up to speed on all of the devastating events of last week.  it was weird to be away from our city while fire was creeping over our mountains and into our town.  i cannot imagine what it would have been like to see the smoke and the flames day and night for nearly a week.

there is still smoke rising from the canyon, but the fire is getting more contained by the minute.  we had several family friends and church friends who had to evacuate and one vanguard family lost their home.

it really is almost unbelievable.  and so sad.


the knierim's (my mom's side)
yes we have matching shirts. :)

the elsberry's (dad's side)

so fun to see LOTS of family.

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Kim said...

It didn't creep in, it rolled in like a freight train. Working back in mountain shadows and being in the middle of the fire blowing up and coming over that ridge will forever leave an imprint on my soul. Scary. Devastating. Sad. We have 3 employees who lost homes and many more displaced. Absolutely horrible.
On the bright side at least you were on vacation and didn't have to deal with the smoke and the stress! Looks like you had lots of fun! So glad to hear the kiddo's were good for you and dave on the drive!!