Wednesday, August 8, 2012

buried pictures and more waxing on ashton

we've had a great summer.
july felt like it was about a week long, maybe a week and a half.  it's gone too fast, as it always does, but i know that my kids bonded with their cousins in a way that's not possible for most folks and for that, i can be nothing but grateful.

we are in a school-nap-early bedtime routine now, which feels good. we're squeezing in a normal week right now because uncle matt and aunt rocio get in on friday and we are heading up to the mountains on saturday morning. one last vacation/family hoorah before avery starts kindergarten.

i've been in fall planning mode and have been going through curriculum, working on our own version of the "workbox" system and have been trying to tweak a chore/allowance set up that works for the girls ages.  it's all so very exciting.  fall makes me giddy.

and if i start planning for fall, i might just start sorting through pictures and find old ones that just have to make it up on the blog.

avery makes a cupcake with playdough    DSC05344

our first zoo trip of the summer.  we are anxiously awaiting the new africa exhibit! should be opened soon!


and these are from an impromptu photo shoot with ash.

that girl is tough and independent and not nearly as dramatic as her sister. :)

she's shy and likes to be right next to me when we are in unfamiliar environments.


she still has the most gorgeous hair color and people point it out all the time.  especially at cost co.

she has a joy and thankfulness inside her that i simply can't get enough of.  she happily rolls with life.  love it.


i love this next sequence of pictures.


they were playing mother may i with both grandmas.

and ash bolted for me as soon as she saw me.

avery and ian are all about their daddy.

but ashton is a momma's girl through and through.

and i kind of love it.

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