Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the one about ian's eye

matching boys

can't wait to watch these two start playing together more and more as ian gets older.  you know, when toby's not in ghana. :(

and let me tell you a little story about mister ian.

if you know ian at all, you know that when he was born, both of his tear ducts were blocked.  and for 15 months of his life BOTH eyes would tear and pool and end up a big green goopy mess whenever he was really tired, every morning and after every nap.  anytime we were out and his eye was goopy, i was worried that people would think my baby was gross.  we even got called to come get him from the nursery a handful of times because they thought he was sick with an infection. (totally understandable btw)

at 15 months his right eye cleared up.  and i promised myself i'd wait until he was two to see about the minor surgery it would take to un-block his left eye.


i'm overjoyed to say that for 4 whole days, both eyes have been clear!  Thank you Lord!


Laura said...

I remember when we reached that day with Cody. What a relief!!

Mama Vincent said...

That is so awesome! He is so beautiful (he was even with the goop in his eyes) but this just makes it easier to see his handsome eyes all the better my dear.