Friday, October 12, 2012

the one about wine and farming

hannah farms in kenya.  her and her husband saved enough money to buy an irrigation pump from kickstart and their farming business has tripled since that purchase.  

did you get that? they bought it themselves...this is no charity.

Her story is not unique. The benefits of one pump are astronomical. A pump can increase harvests by 3-4 times per year, and can irrigate up to 2 acres of land per day.

so hannah has a bigger harvest now.  more food than she needs to feed her family.  so she is able to sell some of her crop and send her kid to school.  

and that, my friends, is hope.  do you see it there? spilling out from the pump over that soil? 

i have a little campaign going on here.  hannah's set, she has her pump, her income, and her son has education and dreams and really, i just want to that for one more farmer in kenya. 

400 bucks does that by subsidizing the cost of the pumps, making it affordable for farmers to purchase.  

so here goes a little wine raffle.

i have 6 bottles of wine to give away.

3 bottles of rose 
and 3 of syrah.  

donate 10 bucks here for one bid on a bottle of rose

donate 15 bucks here for one bid on a bottle of syrah.

bid as many times as you'd like, just let me know in the comments or on fb which bottles you'd like to bid on.  word on the street is that proper is a killer wine.  see for yourself :) the rose normally goes for 18 and the syrah sells for 36.  read more about proper here.

the other word on the street is that irrigation pumps make farming a killer job.  

i'll toast to that. 

( bidding ends on halo-ween....ooh spooky ;) )

"This is the Kenya I know and love. The story I want you to be part of. There is no longing. No begging. No swollen bellies or hungry eyes. If there are tears, they are mine. And maybe yours. Welling with happiness. For me, I know I’ve found my calling. The opportunity to play a small role in giving something more valuable than gold; a job."

-becky straw

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