Friday, November 30, 2012

for the blog book

 i'm sure the magnificent role that lovie plays in ashton's life right now is unforgettable, but we did a little photo shoot with lovie just in case. 

some still shots of avery reading one of the books she wrote to her little class of animals. 

a little sound dictation in pudding.
we were given this loft bed at the perfect time when ashton really needed to transition to a big girl bed ( i do believe she had already turned 3)
it worked perfectly to move aves up to the loft bed and ash into avery's toddler bed. 
plus it has a desk!
so thankful. 

we also scored this vintage quilt from grandma houles storage room. 
it's so great. 

grandma also found some vintage raggedy ann and andy dolls that look so cute on the girls checked rocker. 

photo bomb. 

we keep a lot of their workbooks on this desk, but they NEVER actually work on the desk.
we're usually all at the kitchen table. 

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