Wednesday, November 28, 2012


it's sort of become a tradition for Dave to help the kids set up our nativity set. 

we've been talking about the difference between "fact" and "fiction".

and it was adorable to watch avery process as we set up the sheep and kings. 

"how bout this story mom?" 
"did this really happen?"
"yes, baby, it really did"

"oh, so it's fact." 

i tried to get a picture of ian setting that shepherd up there, but he took off so fast to go get something else.  

the very first noel.
God with us. 


and yes, our nativity is set up on our wine fridge.
i told dave that it made perfect sense because we all remember what His first miracle was after His miraculous birth, right? 

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Anonymous said...

So thankful that the Christmas story is a fact. I am also that it is a fact that these are my grandchildren. LOVE IT!