Monday, November 26, 2012

this and that and thanksgiving too

i have the best friends in the world, ya'll.  we spent the day together and enjoyed tea time and an impromptu trip to ikea for a new beautiful child gracing the goad home.

avery and meredith (one of her little school friends) at her first open house!

we helped her with this, but still, the girl's a puzzle whiz 

a dinner date with kayla and luis!
a dinner and musical date with kayla and luis!
a dinner, musical and sleep over date with kayla and luis!

s p o i l e d ! :)

we made name tags for everyone's dinner place at thanksgiving. 
avery wrote all of our names and then we all glued 5 kernels of corn on each one. 
why the 5 kernels?
it's from this book!  we love it! 

she is serious about her projects :)

on thanksgiving day with grandpa houle and mr. turkey! 

the girls were mesmerized by that thing and the whole carving process.  and if you stood close enough, grandpa cut you a sample :)

3 generations of houle men. really love this shot. 

we gathered to read part of mary's first thanksgiving to explain their name tags and then prayed together in the living room. 

dave's cousin's adorable baby girl, braelynn 

though it was a beautiful thanksgiving, much of it was spent missing and praying for don, erin and kids.  we have so much hope in our hearts for what God will do in them and through them in africa. we are so proud and amazed at the radical way they are living for justice and for Jesus. 


i'm relishing these words right now.  there is nothing freer, nothing simpler, nothing more joyful and hopeful than knowing beyond belief that God will provide.  He just will.  

"little flock," Jesus said, "you are more important than birds! more important than flowers! the birds and the flowers don't sit and worry about things. and God doesn't want his children to worry either.  God loves to look after the birds and the flowers.  and He loves to look after you, too."

God is making this abundantly clear to us in tangible ways today.

how true it is.  


Erin said...

Apparently I can't read your blog anymore without tears...LOVE you and MISS you!!!

Anonymous said...

I love you Mandy - your blog is a breath of fresh air to me. YES - HE will provide - HE just will. AMEN!

sandi Elsberry said...

That was me that just posted - I really don't want to be anonymous!