Friday, January 25, 2013


super stoves!

isn't it so cool to see them?  
each one represents someone who has a job building them and someone who has a job selling them and a family whose lives have been changed, saved really.  

their name "coal efficient stove" proudly states exactly what these puppies do.  they use 50% less charcoal than open fires.  normally, 40 percent of a families income in haiti is spent on charcoal in order to cook their food.   the sad reality is that though the fire smoke kills children, the reason a family will save and purchase a stove is simply because it saves them money. 
we've got the inside track, because we know that it might save their life too.  

thanks to amanda and lindsay for joining this super stove campaign i've got going.  we've got less than 24 hours and i'd love to reach my goal.  and i really would love to give away wine and make someone dinner and coach your kiddo at soccer camp, so you know, you should bid on those while sponsoring a super stove.   

amanda said it perfectly on my fundraising page.  
"because each one matters"

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