Thursday, January 24, 2013

pigs and stoves and mini raffles :)

avery participated in her first ever school musical.  she was an adorable pig (thanks gigi!) singing her heart out for her "piggy opera"

she was even given flowers for her stellar performance.  

"i wanna big, fat, pig to eat"
so adorable!  


the adventure project is on their way to Haiti to document all of the awesome stove making and saving lives business going on down there. 

i have 3 more days to sponsor 6 stoves and i'd love for ya'll to be a part of it. 
if i sponsor 3, my name goes into a drawing to actually go to Haiti with the adventure project.  they'll draw names on saturday.  so, that would be cool :)

i'm going to do a mini raffle for these next three days.  

5 dollar donation could win you a bottle of rose
10 dollar donation could win you guac and enchiladas
20 dollar donation could win your 4-6 year old a free spot at soccer camp this summer. (probably happening mid-late july)

so go help me sponsor some stoves here.
then comment and let me know what you want to bid on.  

thanks all. 
happy thursday to you. 

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Raleigh said...

So, can my bid be four tickets for the rose?