Monday, January 21, 2013

goodnight, ian

ian and i sing 4 songs together before he goes to bed.  it is possibly the sweetest part of most of my days.  every time we are engaging in this sweet little ritual of ours, i am so aware of the fact that this little two year old boy of mine is all too quickly going to grow up and never, ever want to sing these songs again :(  

so i had to capture it.
because i want to treasure these memories for a lifetime. 


Laura said...

Yay!! I got to see it! He knows way more words to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" than I do. I just love how he was trying to push the buttons and put the lens cover on while he was singing. That is so boy. You know I have a soft spot for little boys. I am pretty much in love with him after Saturday night. Thanks for sharing. And yes, hold on to each little moment!! When those moments become a little overwhelming or frustrating, give me a call. I will give you a break and get my toddler boy fix!!

sandi elsberry said...

I love this little IAN boy so much. Thanks for being such a good mommy to him. He certainly knows he is loved! So precious!