Tuesday, January 15, 2013

china and gymnastics and lollipops and bears....oh my

last night grandpa houle brought the kids chinese jammies after his trip to, you guessed it, china.

today the girls experienced their second gymnastics class.  
it's so fun to watch. 

that's ash on the tramp

and that would be the aves. 

avery learns how to do a back bend

and while the girls are in class, ian is super lucky because he has grandma's iphone all to himself.

aaaannnnddd, back to christmas.

after we had our beautiful christmas morning at home, we headed over to mom and dads and did christmas with them.   matt took the girls outside and played in the snow, while it was snowing on christmas day.  super duper.

ashton wanted ben to try her lollipop.  what a good sport that ben is :)

the day after christmas was our big build a bear day!

stuffing her bear

 doing some sort of heart ritual!?!? hmmmmm

putting the hearts inside their bears

dressing them

 naming them

ashton's bear is rapunzel and avery's is angelina ballerina.

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