Wednesday, January 16, 2013

family pictures at cheyenne mountain conference resort

it's become a family tradition to go to the cheyenne mountain conference resort for brunch while everyone's home for christmas. (and when i say everyone, i mean matt and rocio)

this time, mom invited a family friend along to document the fun, family occasion. she's practicing her photo skills and needed some subjects:) she did a pretty great job, and these pictures are now classified as family treasures. thanks megan!

momma's girl through and through.

sweet sisters!  it'd be fun to put this one up in their room!

grandpa always takes the kids to see the big bear after breakfast!

how blessed we are to call them mom and dad :)

don't forget our beautiful gg's!

love these individual shots of the kids!

and this one is a treasure for sure!

couple of cute candids of the girls!

ian's pushing his sisters on the luggage cart!

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