Monday, February 11, 2013

a few things

ian brings books to the table and "reads" them

ian says "no take picture mommy"

i say "smile and then i'll stop taking your picture"


we started our five in a row books again and i'm SO happy to be doing these again.  we are really. far. behind.  but that's okay.  our math and spelling and reading are all on target and we had to let something go during january so we could do gymnastics on tuesdays and free breakfast at chic fil a followed by y swimming with grandma and gg  on fridays :)

we're doing katy and the big snow and so we made snow dough!  i improvised and used a couple cups of flour, a couple cups of cornstarch, 1/3 cup of baby oil and some tablespoons of glitter.  this stuff is so fun and therapeutic to play with. it's the consistency of flour, but you can mold it!  they all were busy for over an hour and after i got ash and ian cleaned up, avery was still making "doughnuts".

it was MESSY.  but really, it only took a good 15 minutes of sweeping and wiping and vacuuming, so it was well worth the mess!


this is a mess of blurry photos, but we had such a good time for my dad's birthday party on saturday night.  i made everyone play one of the kids games "elefun", you hold this elephant and try to get his trunk (like a slinky with a suction cup) to grab "snacks" off the ground.  it was hilarious to watch everyone!

mom and dad

gg velma and kayla

gg elaina and moi :)

gg got the last snack and beat me!  :)  


and these are from today.  
love notes to daddy on the mirror= handwriting practice 

i took these next pictures at 10:43 this morning.  we just finished math and had a little break before spelling.

ash dancing and singing on the bed

oh, she spots me!

avery making an airplane with her trio blocks

ian playing with his tractor

and then we bundled up and played outside! 

we've been reading little house in the big woods a couple evenings a week.  last night laura and mary made molasses candy to get ready for christmas and so today we tried it out.

you melt sugar and molasses together

and then pour it into snow! it freezes and makes candy!  :)


avery's standing here, wanting to go do a reading lesson..... :)

happy monday! 

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Miss G said...

Have you made "snow paint" out of shaving cream and glue? We have had a lot of fun with that too. It feels neat even after it dries.

I have heard about the five a day before. Sounds so neat. There are SO many things we could chat about!

Glad your week is off to a good start! Kelly