Friday, February 15, 2013

a post surgery post

i'm terribly thankful that surgery is over.  
right now, i'm icing my knee and sipping on some coffee and uploading pictures.

he was able to get the floppy part of my torn meniscus out of there and said my acl looked good.  
my first dose of pain meds made me sick last night so i'm sticking with ibu from here on out. 
i slept all night!  the pain after this surgery is night and day compared to my acl repair.  praise Jesus. 
the kids are happily being swapped from grandma to grandma. 
thanks for your prayers.

the girls had their last gymnastics class on tuesday.  

in true ashton fashion, she scurried over to hand her teacher her thankyou card

and then took a few shy steps back to observe the reading of the card. 

dave came to see the last class and ian couldn't get enough of his daddy.

then my mom and both gg's took us to whit's end! 
 look who's tall enough for the abendago slide!
(notice a sad little sister)

she just couldn't believe she was finally tall enough! 

it had been forever since we'd been here.  i don't even think ian remembered it, but he loved the little camp room. 

and on wednesday night i got to help out in ashton's awana class.  
of my three, she is the one who delights in this the most.
so i love when i get a chance to do it! 

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Courtney said...

glad you're surgery is behind you. praying the recovery goes well...and as fast as possible!