Saturday, February 23, 2013

of thyroids and finishing our reading book

some of you know this, but many of you don't. dave had surgery on thursday, he had his thyroid removed.  it's a fairly minor surgery.  we hung out in the hospital for a brief 24 hours, watched movies and hulu and gold rush.  we took walks to the vending machine room (yes, room) and chatted with friends all afternoon in the hospital cafeteria.

 we started this book when she was a tiny four year old!  now she is a few months  shy of turning 6! 

we're home now.  kids are still running around at grandmas and so we're hanging out, cleaning this place and watching more t.v. on the computer. :)

avery finished all 100 of those little lessons!  so surreal to do the last one on wednesday! i'm SO proud of her.  

we're thankful to have both of our surgeries behind us.  we have much, MUCH to be thankful for.  perspective is a priceless gift.  there is new life in the making.

i almost forgot to add that my knee is feeling great!  i'm doing some small workouts and plan to start running again on march 1st! yay!


Beth said...

My brother and sis-in-law (Roy and Renee)have had great success with that book, helping their grandson Jacob to read -- thanks to Kayla.

Beth said...

Okay, now that I have read all of your description (LOL!), I will leave another comment... WAY TO GO AVERY! Glad you guys are through your surgeries; been praying for yous.

Courtney said...

wow. that is a LOT in a month! why does someone have to get their thyroid removed?? wow.

SO glad your knee is healing nicely!!

we're on lesson #24 - sawyer and i. my 3rd time through the book :-) love it!