Monday, February 25, 2013

shaving cream snow

we had two quiet weekends in a row.  when you have surgery, it's easy to guilt your parents into watching your kids for a handful of days.

it's funny the way the house goes from SO quiet to busy and full of activity in 2 seconds flat after they get home. 

i talked dave into doing a fiar activity with us last night.  he read katy and the big snow to them and then we dumped a bunch of shaving cream on a tarp. :)

at first we kept the mess at bay by letting them take turns playing with "katy" and the "snow"

but then they some how coerced us into a free for all. 

it was a baths-before-dinner kind of night.

last wednesday night colorado springs kind of got pounded with a big snow (for us anyway).  between 7:15 and 9:15 i was trying to get my kiddos home from awana.  we got stuck twice! and then eventually met dave in a parking lot so that he could navigate us home.  it was stressful, but avery kept saying "mom, it's just like we're in the katy book!  we need katy to come get us out of this snow!"  

homeschooling at it's finest. :) 


Sandi Elsberry said...

Just for the record there was no guilt involved in watching my grandkids while you and Dave recover. It was our pleasure and privilege and frankly our responsibility. WE ARE FAMILY! Love you all!

Miss G said...

love it!

And what sweet family you have! Kelly