Tuesday, February 26, 2013

another first

another pinch-myself moment in our little home. 

for awhile she would only read during reading lesson.  it was almost as if she didn't really believe that she could read other books besides her reading lesson book. 
she has finally realized the world that reading has opened up for her.
"oh look mom, i can read that book too"

this was the first time i caught avery legitimately reading to ashton. 


Robin said...

Just wait til they start reading the Bible on their own! Mason is currently reading through the Bible on his own and he's already made it to Psalms... it's hard to make him turn out the light at night!

sandi elsberry said...

So proud of our little reader - way to go Avery. When you can read you can go anywhere, do anything, and learn everything.

One proud Grandma

Miss G said...

So cool!