Thursday, February 28, 2013

World Water Day Party

last march i stumbled my way through my first blog raffle. i promised that if my little raffle would raise enough money to train a well mechanic in india then we'd celebrate with a par-tay. as the few short weeks unfolded i was shocked and amazed and thrilled that this raffle was able to provide the training for not just 1, but 4 well mechanics. what an adventure to give God loaves and fishes and watch Him do what He does best..... multiply.

kojodesigns and sassy sweet designs are helping me plan the celebration of those mechanics and of our community coming together in small but very real ways to make a tangible impact on the last and the least. here, here!

here's the list of invites.  it's kind of exclusive.    if you were a part of the raffle in any way at all, then you are expected to be there. :)

Jen Wilson
Melissa Paisley
Virginia Johnston
Jessica Lundahl
Laura Moffat
Kirstin Gentry
Elaina Chynoweth
Alicia Berutti
Raleigh Tillman
Laura Schwarz
Lindsay Walker
Elaine Elsberry
Sandi Elsberry
Laura Clapp
Tawni DeYoung
Matt Elsberry
Amanda Haag
Erin Harms
Jessica Picard
Stuart Clark
Naomi Haverland
Melissa Bolton
Nancy Houle
Kelly Rollett
Megan Perea
Melissa Martynyuk
Velma Knierim
Jen Patterson
Candice Covak
Megan McCluskey
Ellen Goad
Erin Sparks
Kathy Buchanan
Angelina Shumaker
Renee Morrison
Tricia Vincent

please let me know that you are planning to come and then i'll email you directions to the party!  (it will be in northern colorado springs)

to be in the same room with this list of amazing women (and my brother :))  would be a dream come true.  please mark it on your calendar.  it will be a night to remember all that God has done and all the ways He desires to use our offerings, however small, our resources, however limited and ourselves, however broken.  never are we more alive than we when we choose to use all He's blessed us with in order to bless another.

plus, there will be cupcakes and wine, so that's fun.


Laura said...

I am so In!! Cannot wait!

Candice Covak said...

I'll be there!

sandi elsberry said...

I hope to be there and bring the grandmas!

Miss G said...

Yea! So exciting! As long as this baby stays put baking in my tummy then I'm so there.

Renee Morrison said...

I'm in! Thanks so much for doing this.

laura said...

I'll be there!