Friday, March 1, 2013

painting and shoes

we keep working our way through our little katy and the big snow activities.  if you follow the curriculum, you're technically supposed to get through one book in a week, seems like we're doing one book a month :)

equal parts elmers glue and shaving cream is fun to paint with!  it drys a real fun texture. 

i went shopping by myself yesterday for new running shoes.  i tried on pair after pair of asics.  love them. 
i was in desperate need of a new pair and after a knee surgery, i thought i was well-deserving. :)

i ran this morning!  i didn't go too far, and honestly, i was a bit disappointed that my knee still felt a bit weak.
slow and steady and slow and steady. 


addyandwest said...

nothing better than new running shoes! way to go getting out there:)! i bought a new pair this fall..and man my old ones were pretty nasty!

Anonymous said...

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