Sunday, March 3, 2013

yes, it matters

for awhile now, we've tried to make the first saturday of every month a family fun day. 

yesterday we got to go see a new baby!  that's always so fun.  congrats conor and megan.

and then we went to chic-fil-a 

and then to the park.  dave and i used to walk to this park when avery was a baby.  she would sit in the stroller and we would play tennis.  fun memories. 

it was so beautiful!  it brought such hope to my heart! what a blessing to know that spring and summer days are just around the corner.  days that are warmer and longer, full of fresh air and grass stains.  ahhhhh.  soon. 

dave was throwing snow balls at her. 

dave took some great shots of aves on the swing. 


i'm posting the raffle this thursday, march 7th.
there are some fun new things and some of the same things from last year.  
i'm excited and sort of nervous, actually. it's always kind of funny to me the discouragement and the "it doesn't really matter that much"  thoughts that satan likes to whisper when you try to bless and give and live for Christ.  

and oh man, i'm so thankful that God ever so gently reminded me just today.....

"it matters more than you'll ever know.  i'm proud of you." 

okay then.  here we go. :)

i am hoping to get 25 friends to commit to telling people about the raffle on thursday.  like maybe mention it on facebook or put it on your blog.  if you would be willing to do that, let me know and i'll send you a fun button that you can put on your blog or share through facebook (designed by kirst from kojodesigns).

word on the street is we're following water for people to another beautiful part of the world.  i'm not sure i can share it yet, but i think ya'll will be thrilled with the country we're partnering with.  
march is for bringing heaven into the water crisis. 
and it matters.  God told me today. :)
thanks for joining me. 


Amanda said...

Send me raffle info! And your kids are too big - it hurts :(

Courtney said...

i'll post/blog about it! let me know! (since i'm too far away for the party :-))

Laura said...

I will share on my blog. Just send me what I need. Maybe even remind me on Thursday so I don't totally forget. Excited to see the project!

addyandwest said...

you are amazing mandy! and yes, it DOES matter!

Melissa/Mel said...

i'll promote the raffle! i love your raffle!