Monday, March 4, 2013

horse tea party

the girls were pretending they were horses. they needed carrots and water for their horse tea party. 

ian got to come too, but he was banished to the desk because they were afraid he would spill.  note the above picture. :) 

the raffle is coming together beautifully, thanks to all that are donating this year!
it launches on thursday and i'd love to get 25 friends to help me get the word out.  amanda and courtney already said they would help me promote it on thursday, so i need um...23 more. :)
let me know if you can share it via facebook or your blog and i'll send you a fun button to use!

also, it's not too late to add something to the raffle.  if you have something that you think would be fun to raffle off, let me know, i'd love to add you!


Raleigh said...

send me that promo button!

Jess said...

I'd love to promote it for you.