Wednesday, March 6, 2013

of snow plows and getting the raffle ready

we got out of the house yesterday.  it was grand. 
 first stop, science experiment at micah's house. 

and then we had an appointment at colorado transportation to see the big snow plows.  we were schocked when they walked us up to a big RED snow plow!  just like katy :)

micah came with us!  she was brave and operated the big snow plow first and avery and ian followed suit.  my sweet ash just held onto me and watched ;)

can you see ian and micah in that huge truck? 

the kids got to move the plow up and down and side to side. and honk the horn! it was so loud. that was micah's favorite part ;)

and they got to operate the sand bed! micah is in there tipping it back as far is it will go in this shot! 

avery's turn.  that's mike, he's the driver of this crazy truck. 

ian's turn!

the kids with bruce and mike.

we love katy :)


i've been putting together the raffle today and getting really excited. it's going to be so fun.  there are some seriously great things to bid on!  and what we are going to be able to accomplish together is remarkable, i can't wait to share more about that tomorrow.  

6 of you have said you'll share about the raffle tomorrow either on facebook or your blog!  thank you so much!  i still would love to get 19 more friends to help me get the word out tomorrow.  let me know so i can send you the button! 

and don't forget to come back tomorrow to see all of the goodness to bid on. :)


sandi Elsberry said...

I will help you get the word out! Let me know what you need me to do.

Miss G said...

I'll do it! Send me the info. Sorry to be so late!! Kelly

Miss G said...

oh and SERIOUSLY!! A real snow plow??? and red! oh me oh my, David would LOVE this. Kelly