Saturday, March 9, 2013

face-painting and soccer camp

we're at $990 as we enter the weekend.  sooooooo close to our first thousand.  yay!

you can still get 2 bids for 1 on face-painting and soccer camp.  so someone needs to bid on those :)

right now, we're getting everything ready for avery's reading party.

she is beyond excited!  we've had to adjust the time of the party 3 times because of this blizzard that's rolling in.  hopefully everyone can get here to celebrate this huge milestone and then get back home before it gets bad.

i hope everyone stays warm inside today!  if you get bored, i know of a fun raffle you can be a part of without ever leaving your house ;)


Miss G said...

We had David's birthday party (way early before baby comes) today too and had to move the time. Hope yours went well! Kelly

Heidi said...

I bid twice for soccer camp!

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