Saturday, March 9, 2013

avery's reading party

the threat of a blizzard was not going to stop us from celebrating this big milestone. 

what a fun and smart little girl :)

showing off our book and book cake. she really wanted her cake to look like the reading lesson book.

we've been working in this book for a year and a half.  last christmas we had made it to the 50's and ended up going back 20 or so lessons so that she could regain her confidence.  and for a LONG time (like 9 months maybe)  we would do each lesson twice.  just a few months ago she started flying through these bad boys.  we are so proud of her! 

 we made strawberry and blueberry fruit cups and avery made the little signs to stick in them.  

we decorated a little chair and made a fun hat for her to wear while she read to her guests. 

we love our first born :)
proud mommy and daddy. 

 and then our wonderful family started trickling in

 they brought the aves new books!  yay!

 everyone got settled in with some hot coffee....

and then avery read to us

and then we sang "happy reading"

and ate cake

and opened our new books!  
we got some great ones!
amelia bedelia
the ralph mouse collection
you read to me, i'll read to you
the borrowers
and lots more :)

it's nice to have an assistant principal as a cousin.
she brought us an entire reading curriculum :)  wowsers!  

it is such a blessing to have so much family in town to help us celebrate moments like this! 

and guess who else loves to read??

we love our little reader! 


Miss G said...

SUCH a great idea!! Kelly

Holly said...

so so clever!!!

Laura said...

Love this idea, Mandy. She will never forget that!!