Friday, March 15, 2013

'i love history'

i've been irritable this week.
mean to the kids.
mean to random pottery barn kids employees.
i simply cannot find motivation to be awesome at anything this week.

today, we went on our first official school field trip to the pioneer museum.   we sat in the back of this cool old courthouse and tried to listen to a nice, well educated man talk about all the neat stuff we'd see.  but the chairs were the fold up theater kind and ian wanted to play with those and ashton broke her pencil and we actually couldn't hear the guy very well because it was pretty echo-y and avery says "mom, i'm bored."  he finished his sch-peel and we went on a little scavenger hunt and nagging in the back of my mind was the reminder that i didn't have enough quarters to sufficiently fill my meter, so i was rushing through the rooms and trying to help avery mark everything off of her little list so we wouldn't get hit with a 5 dollar fine.  the nice man mentioned a "prize" at the end and well, if you know avery at all, a list and the promise of a prize at the end left her DESPERATE to find everything.   and i'm carrying ian because he cannot keep his hands off of these artifacts and at one point ashton is following me into a room crying because her legs are "sore" and i say, kind of muffled, but definitely out-loud "this is not fun" and i look up and there are two precious homeschooling moms with their beautiful children oohing and ahhing over all the neat stuff and reading about each piece of pottery.  "oh, geez" i think "i do not belong on a field trip with these awesome mothers."

so we ended early, we never found the old photograph of tejon street back in the day, or the statue of general palmer, but i pleaded with the front desk gal and we still got the prize.

a book mark.

the only shining moment of the morning was the fact that my sweet aves, after working so hard on her "list", did not fall apart at the disappointing prize, she looked up at me, said "this is it??" and then said "hey mom, i can read this, it says 'i love history'".


in raffle news, after tawni got her bids in and rals decided to try for some cupcakes, we are now just 75 bucks away from hitting $2,000.

one more week.
all the raffle items are here


Raleigh said...

this sounds like my week, minus the kids. and minus the epic trip to the pioneer museum. so really, i was just irritable and mean, too, except the cats know better than to say anything. tgif.

Holly said...

ah! I just had flash backs of like 1,000 trips I've tried to take with the girls.

You are an awesome mama - really, you are.
You'll be SHOCKED at how much your kids remember from trips like that - I swear!

Laura said...

I know it was not funny at the time, but one day, it will be funny and your willingness to share just encouraged every mom that reads your blog. We ALL have those experiences whether we share them or not. Thanks for sharing!

addyandwest said...

oh mandy! i had a week like that too. except i was grumbling about the smell at the market and addy's insistence of getting OUT of her stroller when i wanted to hurry to get somewhere... ah! glad to know i am not the only one... and His mercies are new every morning! love you friend!