Thursday, March 14, 2013

to bless

doing my best to keep everyone in the loop about raffle items so that you'll be able to bid wisely. :)

sassy sweet is going to give two winners 1 dozen cupcakes for your next party, or your office, or just whatever.  

kirstin gentry from kojo designs and laura fowler are the only two that have their names in right now for this sweet (literally!) deal. i am such a dork. 

and don't forget, the face-painting and soccer camp both only have one name in the hat. 

$15 for a sassy sweet bid
$20 for a face-painting bid
$25 for a soccer camp bid.  

if just two people bid on each of the above items, we'd pass our 2nd thousand before the first week of the raffle is over. 

i can't believe we get to do this.  
the world is getting smaller because of the amazing internet.  
it's getting so small that we are actually able to touch lives and bring hope to desperate countries. 
in america, we are blessed beyond measure, blessed in excess even. 
and why are we blessed? why have we been given much?

the answer is so blindingly easy.

to bless. 


Raleigh said...

two bids for these amazing looking cupcakes!

Melissa/Mel said...

these cupcakes are taunting me.

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