Wednesday, March 13, 2013

spot at soccer camp

for the last two summers, miniature soccer players have swarmed my yard to learn low level soccer skills while being reminded that everything we do can be used to glorify God.  i love using the Jesus Story Book Bible during our snack time.  they're hot and sweaty, downing their little water bottles and scarfing their animal crackers while i read about how david was brave when he fought goliath and how joshua had courage at the battle of jericho and about how Jesus taught us to serve when he washed the disciples feet.

 photo IMG_1137.jpg

soccer meets vbb.
so. much. fun.

soccer009 photo soccer009.jpg

you do know that a spot at soccer camp is in the raffle right?
and right now guys, heidi white has it in the bag.  i mean, she's the ONLY one who's bid on this.

i'm pretty sure it will be late july and maybe into the first week of august, i'll do four maybe five sessions with your 4-6 year olds and each session is normally 15 bucks.

a $25 dollar donation gets your name in the hat for this.  we don't want to let heidi win that easy right? :)

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