Thursday, March 21, 2013

it's tomorrow.

world water day is TOMORROW!!!

we're really happy about that around here.

i've been keeping a little secret.  the secret is, i'm adding a few more things to the raffle tomorrow.  you are definitely going to want to come back to see those.  and then bid on them ;)  

i almost cannot believe that we are so close to 4,000 dollars.  you people are amazing and so generous.  i love that we have this army of people launching good news and sending it to uganda together.  we really are fighting for heaven to come NOW.  wow.

we have approximately 40 hours to raise $1,270 dollars.  um. yeah.

you have until 8 pm mountain standard time tomorrow night to get your bid in.  

did i mention we'll be drawing the names at the water party?  so fun.

i only have 3 more days to enjoy sweet ash as a 3 year old. 
i can't take her birthdays.  heaven help me. 

would love for you to join me and use your "internet" voice to advocate for world water day tomorrow.  
thanks so much.

the donations are now going directly to my adventure project fundraising page. yay!

all raffle items are right here.

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Raleigh said...

I'm excited about these new items!