Monday, March 11, 2013

meet ernestina

meet ernestina.

she runs the guest house where don, erin and kids have been living during their exploratory trip to ghana.
(they come home in 6 weeks!!)

she's in this video that libby made. 

ernestina is working to change the cycle of poverty in her family and community.  After receiving a small loan to pay for a sewing machine and apprenticeship fees, she was able to start her sewing business making beautiful one-of-a-kind purses, clothing, aprons, and other goods.  With her new income, she was able to pay back her loan and start supporting herself, her mother, and has been working hard to put her younger brother through high school.  With God's help, her family's future has hope. The name of her business is Edinam Designs.

Edinam [ej-uh-nahm]: "I was struggling, but God is faithful and He has carried me through."

she is giving 3 of her bags to our water raffle.  if you win, you'll get to choose from a bunch of different fabrics.  right now, there is only one name in the hat!  
and oh how i want Holly to win one of these bags, but i also want two more people to get one of these bags that tell an extraordinary story of redemption.  
plus, i'm sure Holly would love a little healthy competition.  :)
one bid is 15 dollars.
so, hit the donate button on my side bar, donate 15, or 30, or 45 bucks and then come back here and tell me how many times you'd like to bid on one of these beauties.

erin will bring them back to the states with her next month and then we'll ship them to the winners (in the u.s.)


Raleigh said...

put me down for three bids!

sandi elsberry said...

Grandma Elsberry wants to donate $45.00 more and bid on three purses. She will get the money to you!

Holly said...

I do love myself some's no lie ;-)

Jody said...

Put me down for 2 bids. LOVE these.