Friday, March 8, 2013

quick raffle update

well, ya'll, my mom and my grandma snatched up some of those freebie extra bids already this morning, so i wanted to give you a heads up on the items that still qualify for the 2 for 1 bids...

-tillman photography art
-sassy sweet cupcakes
-enchiladas, guac PLUS wine
-proper 3 pack
-soccer camp

at the risk of OVER explaining, :) if you are the first to bid on the list above, your name will go in twice for the drawing of said item.  okay? okay.  

our total is now $580...over half way to our first thousand.  

happy friday. 


Anonymous said...

doterra oil and the proper 3 pack for me. I donated 45$.

Jen Patterson :)

Melissa/Mel said...

I'll do:
1 enchiladas + wine (i hope i get 2 really!)
1 syrah
1 rose
...that = 40? right? (you deliver to kolkata...right?! :) i'll give it to Scott and Beth in Monument if i win anything :)

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