Thursday, March 7, 2013

raffle, day one

an amazing day one.  thanks to everyone who helped me get the word out :)  we're at $285 as we close out this day.  $5,000 seems really far away, but we have two more weeks and lots of items that haven't been bid on yet!

i want to remind you that the first bid on any item gets two bids for the price of one.

you can still get your name in twice if you're the first to bid on these....

hatmaker, interupted
enchiladas and guac
tillman photography art
skirts and matching bows
sassy sweet cupcakes
enchildas, guac PLUS wine
proper 3 pack
mccluskey original oil pastel
soccer camp

and, get this, i completely botched the date for world water day.  it is NOT thursday the 21st, it IS friday the 22nd.

world water day is friday, march 22nd
minor oversight :)

so, if you're invited to the party celebrating our mechanics, please note that it will be moved to friday, march 22nd the actual world water day.  ahem.  


addyandwest said...

Hi Mandy! I just donated $20. I would love to put my name in for the sweet skirt and matching bow...if it's not too much trouble to ship to Bend. no worries, if it is... just give it to the next name drawn:). blessings in abundance on you for doing this! -Megan

Anonymous said...

Dad and I will donate $75.00.

2 bids on the Megan McCluskey painting (40)
2 bids on the skirts and matching bows (20)
1 bids on the enchiladas and guacamole (10)
1 bid on the Jen Hatmaker book 7 ($5.00)

Grandma Elsberry will donate $200.00

4 bids on both Jen Hatmaker books (40)
4 bids on skirt and bow sets (40)
4 bids on essential oil (60)
4 bids on the enchiladas and guacamole (40)
2 bids on the peasant dresses (20)

It is our pleasure doing Kingdom work with you Mandy! Love you bunches!

sandi Elsberry said...

Wait - I am not anonymous. That last post was from me - your mom! Love you!

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