Friday, March 22, 2013

raffle round up

i'm in some sort of fog.

i still haven't showered since my run early this morning, that's bad news considering i'm throwing a party in a few short hours.  i'm checking and double checking my spreadsheet of everyone's bids, making sure each name makes it into the right mason jar. that's a lot of mason jars.

i'd still love for you to join us.  there is plenty of time and all the money goes to the same place.
theadventureproject's is trying to raise 150,000 for these water systems in uganda.  so our 5 grand is just a small piece of their ultimate goal.

here are all of the items.  if they are in bold, that means they have fewer numbers of bids.

5 dollar items

-Holly Doden Earrings

-Holly Doden Hair pins


-Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker

-Seven by Jen Hatmaker

10 dollar items

-Lois Clark necklace and matching earrings

-Bloom by Kelle Hampton

-Renee Morrison Crocheted Bag

-Melissa Harding's copper hand stamped necklace

-chicken enchiladas and guacamole

-Raleigh Tillman Photography

-Matching Skirts and Bows by Stacie Rudy.  i'm bolding this because there can be TWO winners for this. 

-peasant dresses

-you can still go get kojodesigns party packs for 10 bucks.  all proceeds go straight to these super wells. 

15 dollar items


-doterra on guard oil

-Sassy Sweet cupcakes.  i'm bolding this because there can be TWO winners.

-Ernestina Bags. i'm bolding this because there can be THREE winners.

-IT WORKS! Skinny Wrap

20 dollar items

-Holly Doden African Charm

-enchiladas, guac and wine

-Proper 3 pack

-Original Art by Megan Mccluskey

-2 hours of Face Painting from Angelina Shumaker

25 dollar items

-Spot at Soccer Camp

-Photo Session with Megan Hardre

you can bid on all of these until 8pm (mst)

donate here.
and come tell me your bid!


Melissa Martynyuk said...

really wish we lived closer..i would totally have bid on a soccer camp spot! love you mans!


Rose said...

Correction the jewelry items are bracelets.

lindsayw4 said...

I donated $20... Put me in for the face painting please!

Ethan Beute said...

Love the project. Congrats on hitting the goal! Would love an original piece of art from Megan.