Friday, March 22, 2013


i'm still trying to figure out what just happened.

did you see this!?!?

i told some of my closest friends about a week into the raffle that, really, i'd be happy if we made it to 3 grand.  i have no words.  just, wow. i'm so humbled to do this with ya'll.  i don't know why i'm always so amazed to see Him multiply our loaves and fishes.  but still, every.single.time. i'm amazed.

please still join us if you haven't yet.  we will be drawing all of the names tonight at the world water day party, so get your name in before 8 pm (mst).

i'll still do my raffle round up.

more to come.

just, wow.


Miss G said...

I just saw it when I was on the main fundraising page while writing my WWD post. I got so excited. I'm all teared up. This is just so, so cool! Kelly

Melissa/Mel said...