Friday, March 22, 2013

it's not too late to join us. some 5 dollar items just in.

it's been quite the day so far.

the latest number is $4,200.

i truly cannot believe how close we are. i took off my can go HERE to watch the number rise the rest of the way.

Holly Doden wanted me to add a little afternoon treat.  this is perfect way to hop in if you're just now joining us.  literally, every dollar counts.  we're getting down to the wire.

these are both 5 dollar bids.
both the hairpin set and the earring set are made from antiqued brass and resin flowers.

earring set

hairpin set

donate here
and then come tell me your bids!

i'm working on a raffle round up post to list out ALL of the items one last time.

i won't be adding anything else today.  these hairpins and earrings are the last items to make it in!

world water day is the best.

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