Thursday, March 28, 2013

the water party.

it was an incredible night. 
 kirst came down from denver to set up our fabulous water bar. 

and jess brought in the treats. 

we had plenty of proper wine to go around. 

here are my beautiful party planners.
kirstin, me, jess and danielle (she opened her beautiful home and displaced her kids and husband for the night!)

jody sent me 4 mechanic profiles from the project in India last year and we spend some time praying over each picture.  it was surreal and beautiful to hear my grandma pray for them to know living water and for ellen to pray for them to pass hope on to their communities,  what an honor to pray with these women who believe so strongly with me in what theadventureproject is doing. 
which, by the way, i'm keeping my donate link up through this whole campaign.  they are still trying to raise enough money to sponsor 27 more water points in uganda.  
so, be a part of it if you haven't yet. 

and we drew all of the names for the raffle!

that's my grandma velma!

that's my grandma elaine! 
all photo credit belongs to Jessica Lundahl of Sassy Sweet Designs. 

it was a rad night.
and i suppose we'll have to do it again next year so we can celebrate our fully funded water point in Uganda! :)


so, i've recently become "real live" friends with tisha deutsch. (though i still don't know how to pronounce her last name...i totally meant to ask her that!) 

she is asking some great (and hard!) questions about adoption and family preservation.  her heart on this matter is beautiful and challenging.  you should see our messages via facebook today!  they're long and somewhat crazy and a lot of it is hard to make sense of.  
but i love that she is writing about all of these things that weigh heavily on her mind and her heart. it is so, so good. and brave.and i told her, these are the kinds of questions that change things.  


Laura said...

It looks so fun, Mandy!! Oh, how I wish I could have been there!! When is World Water Day next year??? I want to put it on my calendar now!! : )

Courtney said...

so beautiful!

i'm jealous you're REAL LIFE friends with tisha! she is the REAL DEAL!