Monday, April 1, 2013

this was our easter

this is a horrible blog post.
it's random pictures of all of our easter stuff from the last few weeks.
they are in no order and they have minimal description. 
and after reading jen's post about easter, which i loved, i feel the need to mention that the kids duds were a gift from my fabulous mother and they're from kmart  :) 
okay, i feel better. 

that's a pancake

doing a hunt/activity pages with resurrection eggs.

watching the Jesus Story (cartoon)

"mom, can we do a silly face one?"

and my favorite easter quote this year,

"the worst thing is never the last thing"  
-stolen from here. 

how amazing that that is actually true?


jody said...

It's taken from a Frederick Buechner so many good things. And I love it too.

Joy said...

I loved Jen's post, too! And your disclaimer cracked me up :) Your kids are growing up!! Beautiful you sweet Mands.

Holly said...

yep. terrible.
can't believe you posted this. gosh!

for reals?
looks like it was a full and beautiful season in your home from where I sit!!!

(and, I haven't even posted mine yet but it looks A LOT like this!)