Thursday, April 4, 2013

some things that happened in march (besides the raffle and ashton's bday and easter)

school things.

we are in the art section of what your kindergartner needs to know.  they had to pick a still object to draw.  
  they, of course, chose rainbow dash.
and the aves was way into it. 

our afternoons reading together are very special to me.  
she read one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish front to back yesterday.  
that's a long book.  so proud of her. 

we're really enjoying the You Read to Me, I'll read to You books.  
what a fun idea for books!

have i told you how much we love right start?  
she had to count out 200 tiles yesterday.
8 groups of 25. 
it's so neat the way these games and manipulatives engage her little mind.  
sponge, i tell you. 


family things.

great grandma cattani had a birthday!
we had a pretty big table full of people at old chicagos.

i love watching them give gifts. 

soccer things. 

i just can't take little huddles of little people.  
this is avery's 4th season with the same group of little girls.
very cool.


pinterest things. 

i tried the giant engineer print thing that's been going around on pinterest.
i brought in my cd of pictures to office max.
they printed 2 of them in black and white on the engineer printer and charged me $3.90 cents per picture. no lie. then i bought 2 foam poster boards and wrapped and taped the prints onto them like a present.  

i really love the way they turned out. 

this one of the girls looks so great over all of their dress up stuff in the play room. 

and i truly just wrapped and folded and taped them like a present. easy and cheap.  

in current news, it's thursday which is usually a grandma day, but i have ash and ian home with me.  ian threw up twice in the middle of the night so dave stayed home with them while i dropped avery at school and we've actually had a nice low key morning here at the house.  it's beautiful out and ian seems to be better so we played outside and took a walk.  
and as for the dusting and vacuuming? there's always tomorrow. 

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