Friday, April 19, 2013

from our week

ian filled up his whole potty chart.
he's doing really well.
he is telling us pretty much every time he has to go potty.  
he still poops mainly at nap time and first thing in the morning in his pull up, but he's gone a couple times in the potty chair and he's not scared at all about it like his biggest sis, so that's fabulous. 
and now here's the part where i get all sentimental about time flying and how there are no more babies in this house.  

we're having fun with kindergarten art.
what  your kindergartner needs to know is so great.  we've just been reading it straight through.  we're in the art section and just read about and looked at different sculptures.  then they suggested making a mouse out of playdough.  

i helped ian make his and then i let him do the whiskers. 

aunt rocio and uncle matt hooked the kids up with a veterinarian set and a bunch of printables so we could make our own vet clinic.  
avery took a picture of mommy being the "vet".  i came downstairs with this on and i was talking in a funny voice and ashton  said "i'm shy of you".

 avery was the only one who wanted to get dressed up as a vet. 

it was really fun getting a bunch of vet books, movies and books on cd about veterinarians from the library.  how great is the library?!? 
these kind of things are why i love schooling at home.   

filling out a prescription.

we had lots of snow on wednesday! grandma came and made a snow man with the kids. 

and this pic is from just last week.  ash was pretending this was her tower and she was painting on the walls like rapunzel.

getting super antsy for some warm weather.  

our first summer with no diapers.  
instead of being sad about that, i should probably just be excited about it. 
it's gonna be grand. :)

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Laura said...

I love the gifts from Matt and Rocio. Did they just come up with all of those things on their own or did they buy them as a set??? I love that they promote imagination in play time. I know some kids that would love something like that.