Tuesday, April 23, 2013

it snows every tuesday

let's see here.

dad and mom came over for pizza and a funny little gaither movie that mom got for the kids on her road trip.  
did you know they got to meet bill gaither? it's kind of a big deal for our family.   
do you even know who that is?  :)  

we've got a couple big projects going on in our backyard.
grandma and the girls are watching a bunch of rock get dumped in our yard. 

poor kid.

 i love this picture :)
 grandma nancy passed along mr. stubbs to avery.  he's from the movie toby tyler.  avery fell in love with that movie and that monkey.  grandma has had this monkey since she was a little girl.  love it. 

does this really need an explanation? 
 he's the best daddy. 

last week the kids got bundled and went outside to build a snowman.  while i was gathering the hats and mittens and coats and snow pants and boots, i was just sure that it was the last time i'd be hauling all of our snow stuff out.  

except i hauled it all out again today.  
in fact, there are mounds of wet snow stuff laying on a towel by the door right now, i should probably go take care of that.
it's the last time.
i'm sure of it. 

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Holly said...

#1- I know who that is ;-)
#2 - that is some serious crack! hilarious!
#3 - snow!? dude. I would not be happy!