Friday, April 26, 2013

when pooping is tramatic

i suppose it was bound to happen.

this is the book she's been working in all year.  she finished it!

i mean, you can't get through the whole potty training experience without some stressful poop moments, right?

 sweet mrs. pace.  
we have love, love, loved rmca and mrs. pace's kindergarten class.  such a blessing.
i can not believe that avery has two more thursdays as a kindergartner.  no way. 

i just wished it would have happened at home when i wasn't trying to talk to sweet laura and lindsay. 

we have a huge pile of coins that we've just kind of always had.
avery labeled some mason jars and spent FOREVER sorting them and putting them in their right jar.  
it's super great when they're educating themselves and enjoying it and you get to go put away laundry or something.  score. 

we spent the morning at lindsay's house. laura was there and brought little baby ethan and the kids played and played and played.  but ian was crying and saying that his "bottom hurt" every 5 minutes it seemed and he would go tiny amounts of poopy each time.  we made it through almost an hour of this and he eventually went a bunch in the toilet, but yikes, not fun. especially when every one was playing so well together outside in the sunny weather and i kept having to leave some great conversations to go sing Jesus Loves Me with a crying ian while he tried to poop.

the good news is:
it's sunny outside!
it's supposed to be sunny and warm for like 4 straight days!
dave is planning a birthday date for me and taking care of child care too!

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