Tuesday, April 30, 2013

the day i turned 32

the girls were so excited to show me where daddy helped them stash my birthday flowers when they woke up this morning.
check out this bday artwork from avery.  she's got some intricate cutting skillz. 

and ashton drew a bunch of people for me. she is so darn cute. 

and then melissa harding made elaina and i brunch.  yum.  
and they gave me ethiopian coffee, chocolate and roses.
and we ran some errands :)  

and dave is taking us to steak and shake tonight.
we have lots of memories of going there when he'd come visit me at iwu.
steak and shake was the only place open 24 hours and we'd go there at midnight and eat fries.
they opened just last week and i'm so excited to take the kids. 

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